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KT Safe!If you own a kid-safe website, or if you know of a good one that you would like to share with children all over the world - please let us know. We will review it, and it we feel it is appropriate, we'll add it to the Kidtastic Child-Safe Internet Search Engine! Please just complete the form below...

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Please describe to us the best you can. Usually, the sites with the better descriptions get added first.

Note: You may NOT use the 'Kidtastic Approved' web-badge, logo, or status on any website that has not received approval by Kidtastic. You must wait until after your website has been reviewed, and accepted to use any of these options. If you do not follow these rules explicitly, your website will be permanently disqualified, and legal action may be taken. We must take these steps to assure the recognition and status of our designation.